Websites designed by us are meant to improve only 1 thing -



We follow a strategic approach for any brilliant idea:

- Understand: We listen to your idea and contemplate over it. We study your competitors while focusing on your customers.
- Align: We align our values and vision with your idea and organization.
- Strategize: We design the strategy (Design to Development to Launch) for execution.

This approach will help you to understand:

- Which type of website will be the best suited for your business needs?
- What technology will be used to deliver your website?
- How the entire process will actually take place?
Throughout the process we keep your idea at the center and continuously aim to add value to your business.
This question has a simple answer: “It depends”. To help you understand why we say It Depends, let us show you the parameters involved in any decision:

Idea analysis: Do you really know what you need? Do you know who your competitors are? Do you have a sample site to share with us?

Technology analysis: Have you analyzed which Technology will work best for you?

Content Analysis: Do you have the complete content to share with us? It involves the write up along with images, logos and banners.

Design Analysis: Do you have design in mind?

Launch Analysis: Do you have domain and hosting available with you?

All the above factors may differ from customer to customer. Trust us when we say we are reasonable, we don’t charge anything extraordinary from the market. To give you an idea, our charges range from a few hundred dollar to a thousand dollar.
We are focused in what we do and only charge for the value we bring to your business.
Anybody who says your business or reach will improve immediately after creating and launching a website is completely wrong. A website is just a part of your bigger vision and goal, which must be covered in your marketing strategy.
Appropriate digital marketing is what will get your website working. Marketing is what will motivate people to visit your website and good website design will help the visitor to stay and genuine content will decide what action it inspires the visitor to take.
This is very important question, which must be answered at the marketing strategy building stage. Getting any traffic will not help in improving your business or brand value but getting Relevant Traffic will.
There are many ways to get relevant traffic. Some of them are:
  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): People use search engines the most to find any service or product or solution, if you set the right SEO on your site, your chances of getting relevant traffic will improve drastically.
  2. Social Media: Social media is an important platform to regularly share the good work and product updates with the end customers directly. It serves as the best medium to engage your customers to discuss about your products which increases awareness and inspires others to visit your site.
  3. Blogs: Regular content published about the impact; your services and products are creating on right blogging sites can help many customers to learn more about you and inspire them to visit your site.

The above are some of the simplest way to communicate and inspire more customers to visit your website. If you are looking for help, we can help you. We help design and implement some of the best and winning digital marketing strategies which will improve your website visitors organically.
Speak to us.